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How do I locate an abortion provider in the database?

Go to the home page and click on your state to see all available data for your region. If you already have a particular facility or doctor in mind, enter the name in the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Specificity helps, especially if the abortion facility is part of a nationwide chain; for instance, if you are in Wilmington, DE, you'll want to search "Planned Parenthood Delaware" rather than just "Planned Parenthood."

What happens after an abortion malpractice lawsuit is filed?

As a general matter, only a small fraction of all civil lawsuits wind up going to trial before a judge or jury. The same is true of medical malpractice lawsuits for abortion injuries.

The majority of abortion malpractice lawsuits settle out of court. A settlement occurs when an abortion doctor, clinic, and/or insurer decides that it's not worth it to go to trial. The defendant(s) will pay the plaintiff a negotiated amount of money, and in exchange, the plaintiff drops the case. The defendants can enter a settlement with or without admitting fault, and the amount of money paid to the plaintiff is usually confidential. Some settlement agreements include additional terms, such as requiring the parties to refrain from talking to the media about the case.

If the parties cannot agree on a settlement, the case goes to trial. If a plaintiff wins at trial, rather than settling out of court, that fact should be noted on the page for that abortion doctor or center. If a plaintiff loses at trial, the case should not be listed in our database at all – please let us know if such a case has accidentally been included.

I can't find my abortion provider in the database. Does that mean they've never committed malpractice? Not necessarily. There are a number of reasons why a malpractice case may not come to light.
  • Some women who are injured in abortion do not sue because they are simply unaware of their rights (e.g., women who are young or new to the country), or because they do not have the resources to go to court.
  • In some instances, a settlement takes place before the lawsuit is even filed; the threat of a lawsuit is enough to initiate the negotiations. In these cases, there may not be any public record of the injuries.
  • Even if a record of malpractice exists, AbortionSafety.com may not have a local volunteer to locate the record.
For all of these reasons, AbortionSafety.com does not guarantee that any abortion provider is 100% safe. All surgery has risks, and we encourage you to supplement what you learn from this database with your own research.

What should I do if I have been injured in an abortion? Every case is unique, and AbortionSafety.com does not give personalized legal advice. We recommend that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Do not put it off; depending on where you live, there may be a time limit on your claim. If you cannot afford to pay an attorney up front, you may want to consider an attorney who will work for a contingent fee.