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Facility Name: Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific
Facility Location: Concord, California

Abortion Doctors at this location:
  • None listed
About this facility:
Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific (then called Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo) was sued for medical malpractice in 2004. The complaint alleged that after an abortion, Planned Parenthood told the patient that she was Rh+, when she was in fact Rh-. The standard medical practice is for Rh- women to receive a shot of Rhogam after their first pregnancy, to prevent adverse reactions in later pregnancies. Because she was wrongly diagnosed as Rh+, she did not receive the shot. As a result, her daughter, born a few years later, suffers from debilitating Rh disease which requires round-the-clock care. Planned Parenthood's motion to dismiss the case was denied, after which the parties settled out of court.

Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific has numerous office locations. It is not clear which office was involved in the above incident, or which doctor was responsible for the misdiagnosis.

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