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Facility Name: NOVA Women's Medical Center
Facility Location: Fairfax, Virginia

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According to a lawsuit by Tina L., Dr. Match perforated her uterus in a second-trimester abortion on April 13, 1991 at NOVA Women's Medical Center. She alleges that she experienced extreme pain, blood clots, and other serious symptoms. She had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy, which rendered her infertile.

Tina M.'s lawsuit suffered a serious setback when she accidentally sued a similarly named abortion facility, rather than NOVA. The facility she sued (Northern Virginia Women's Medical Center) misled her as to the corporate identity of the actual abortion facility (NOVA Women's Medical Center). This procedural issue caused her case to be dismissed, but she appealed and the dismissal was reversed. The final outcome of the case is unknown. Please contact us if you have further information.

In a separate lawsuit, Regina T. alleges that NOVA and Dr. Match told her that she was 8 weeks along and that the pregnancy was in the uterus, when in fact she was 10-11 weeks pregnant and the embryo had lodged in the fallopian tube (an ectopic, or tubal, pregnancy). Routine abortion methods are ineffective in cases of ectopic pregnancy, but NOVA nevertheless performed an abortion on her. When she returned to the clinic with severe symptoms, including 'great pain' and 'heavy blood loss,' NOVA allegedly failed to recommend emergency care; instead, they scheduled a repeat procedure. Regina T. did not learn that her pregnancy was ectopic until her fallopian tube burst. Ultimately, she was hospitalized for four days.

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