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Facility Name: Family Planning Associates Medical Group
Facility Location: Chicago, Illinois

Abortion Doctors at this location:
About this facility:
This abortion facility has been sued twice for abortion-related medical malpractice that proved fatal to the patient. Maria Leho's survivors sued alleging that Family Planning Associates used a type of anesthesia that was inappropriate, given her medical history, and failed to administer prompt emergency care. A second patient, Maria Rodriguez, died after Family Planning Associates employee Dr. Edward Lichtenberg allegedly perforated her uterus during an abortion. According to the complaint, he failed to recognize the severity of the complication, attempting to treat it in the office; Maria was not tranferred to a hospital until over an hour after her hemorrhaging began, by which time 'she was exhibiting signs of hemodynamic shock' and the hospital was unable to save her.

In a third case, a patient allegedly died due to Family Planning Associates' medical negligence, but the complaint does not specify that the deceased (Nakia Jorden) was at the facility for an abortion.

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