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Facility Name: Allentown Medical Services
Facility Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Abortion Doctors at this location:
About this facility:
Not only does Allentown Medical Services employ a doctor who was convicted of taking sexual advantage of patients (see page on Vikram Kaji), but in 2010 and 2011 it failed state health inspections. In 2010 it was found to have mixed expired drugs with new drugs, such that during an emergency the staff could not have known which drugs to prescribe to a patient. Furthermore, the investigation found that pregnancy tests were not have been performed at all. Only ultrasounds were done, meaning the abortionists could have been performing abortions on non-pregnant women. In addition, the ultrasound equipment was not maintained properly as set forth by the state regulations. The equipment being used was not checked properly and could have been old and unsanitary. There was no detailed method in place to ensure that drugs and equipment were regulated properly.

A lawsuit was brought against Rose Health Services Company, which operates the Allentown Medical Services, complaining that the company had failed to have a licensed physician on staff after the retirement of Dr. Gordon. Abortions were still performed even without a physician on staff, a violation of the state's laws.

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