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Facility Name: Parkmed NYC a.k.a. Parkmed Eastern Women's Center
Facility Location: New York, New York

Abortion Doctors at this location:
About this facility:
Altagracia C. sued Dr. Jay Bassell and Parkmed Services Inc. (owner, operator, and manager of Parkmed Eastern Women's Center), charging that Dr. Bassell failed to fully remove the fetus during her abortion on August 28, 2004. According to the complaint, that day she experienced intense cramping throughout her abdomen, lower back and legs, and light bleeding. Four days later, she went to the emergency room where it was determined that the abortion had failed and the remaining fetal tissue was removed. She remained hospitalized overnight. The lawsuit further charged that Altagracia 'sustained serious and severe injury and illness to her person,' including a loss of the ability to become pregnant and bear children in the future.

Monika B. sued Dr. Michael Molaei and Parkmed Eastern Women's Center, charging that Dr. Molaei left behind pieces of fetal bone following a second-trimester abortion on September 18, 2002. According to the complaint, Monika suffered four days of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain before the incomplete abortion was identified at Brunswick Hospital Center, where another doctor left behind fetal bone after performing further vacuum curettage. Less than a year later, Monika suffered an ectopic pregnancy and had to have her fallopian tube removed. The malpractice complaint charges that Monika suffered infertility, the removal of her fallopian tube, chronic inflammation, and other serious personal injuries due to Dr. Moleai's initial failure to properly perform and confirm a complete abortion.

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