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Facility Name: Women's Services, Dr. Salomon Epstein
Facility Location: Jackson Heights, New York

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About this facility:
In 2000, Dr. Salomon Epstein faced a five year suspension of medical license after the New York State Department of Health Board for Professional Medical Conduct charged him with thirty-six specifications of professional misconduct. The Board's Statement of Charges included numerous incidents in which Dr. Epstein performed abortions without conducting appropriate pre-operative physical and medical history examinations, blood tests, and screening for ectopic pregnancy. The Statement further charges that Dr. Epstein consistently failed to be available to treat patients' complications following surgical abortions and failed to have a covering physician who could treat said complications.

In 2003, the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine refused Dr. Epstein's application for licensure after 'deliberately misrepresenting his disciplinary history on his application by not disclosing that New Jersey had taken disciplinary action against him.'

In 2004, the New York State Board Professional Medical Conduct imposed permanent limitations on Dr. Epstein's license, charging him with twenty specifications of professional misconduct. The Board's Statement of Charges report that Dr. Epstein performed numerous surgical abortions in which he failed to monitor the women's oxygen saturation during the procedure, discharged patients too soon after surgery, failed to appropriately respond to women's post-operative complaints of pain, nausea, and other symptoms of surgical complications, failed to be available to respond to post-operative complications, and fraudulently named another physician as providing coverage in his absence. The Statement of Charges further states that Dr. Epstein failed to comply with previous terms of probation, 'including his conformance to the moral and professional standards of conduct and obligations imposed by law and by his profession.'

Dr. Epstein is associated with several abortion facilities, including Women's Services of Jackson Heights.

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