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Facility Name: Choices Women's Medical Center
Facility Location: Jamaica, New York

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About this facility:
On February 3, 2000, the New York State Health Department ordered Choices Women's Medical Center of Long Island City to immediately cease all operating room procedures due to 'serious systematic problems that pose a significant risk to welfare and safety of patients,' which are outlined in an 11 page Statement of Deficiencies compiled after surveying the facility on January 29, 2000. Deficiencies included:

- 'The practice of performing procedures every 5 to 6 minutes, does not allow sufficient time to assess patient prior to and post procedure.' This specifically noted regarding the facility's abortion services.

- Inadequate nursing staff to monitor post-operative patients.

- Failure to properly maintain surgical equipment and functioning monitoring equipment for patients under anesthesia.

- Failure to verify background, experience, and credentialing of physicians and staff.

The statement specifically references the facility's Medical Director, who was hired in 1999, despite a recent incident where Dr. Zarkin carved his initials into a patient's skin during surgery. The statement notes that a psychiatrist advised the facility that Dr. Zarkin required surgical supervision due to a 'frontal lobe disorder' that adversely affected his clinical judgment and practice. The advice was not acted upon.

Dr. Shaban Simaee, former employee of Choices Women's Medical Center, was subject to a censure and reprimand and a charge of professional misconduct by the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct in 2005. Dr. Simaee did not contest the factual allegations of fraudulent practice: he intentionally forged three certificates of continuing medical education, which he submitted to Choices Women's Medical Center, in connection with his credentialing for staff privileges. He was placed on probation by the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct for three years.

In 1994, Alerte Desanges died after a second-trimester abortion at Choices Women's Center.

Classina O. sued Choices Women's Medical Center, charging them with failing to properly perform her abortion on June 14, 2005, resulting in 'serious and severe injuries, including severe vaginal bleeding and pain, necessitating further treatment.' According to the complaint, Choices Women's Medical Center and its staff failed to remove the entire fetus, follow up with the post medical care, monitor the patient, and administer appropriate medication and treatment. The complaint, formally made on November 28, 2008, further charged that Classina 'sustained conscious pain and suffering from June 14, 2005 to present.'

As of 2012, Choices Women's Medical Center, formerly operating in Long Island City, is moving all operations to a Jamaica, NY location.

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