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Facility Name: A1 Medicine, P.C.
Facility Location: Jackson Heights, New York

Abortion Doctors at this location:
  • None listed
About this facility:
The New York State Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct revoked Robert Hosty's license to practice medicine on February 6, 2012, 'because he is a present day danger to patients in this State.' According to the Hearing Committee's Determination and Order, Hosty 'exhibited a wanton disregard for basic medical practice in his failure to obtain adequate histories and physicals of patients before initiating surgical procedures. When life threatening complications arose, Respondent failed to act responsibly. Two patients who had come to Respondent for routine medical procedures died unnecessarily.'

The factual allegations include Hosty's negligent care of a 37 year old woman on whom he performed an abortion at A-1 Women's Center in Jackson Heights on January 25, 2010. According to the Statement of Charges, the woman began to bleed profusely towards the end of the procedure, and Hosty failed to call EMS in a timely manner and to ensure continuous monitoring of his patient. Sadly, she was pronounced dead later that day.

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