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Facility Name: Office of Bu-Geyl Lee MD a.k.a. Abortion Womens Medical
Facility Location: Jackson Heights, New York

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About this facility:
Cara Jenni C. and her mother Angela H. sued Dr. Bu Geyl Lee for performing an incomplete vacuum aspiration abortion on Angela at his office on March 2, 1996. The botched abortion caused Cara Jenni's premature birth and disabilities. Though Dr. Lee indicated to Angela that she was just nine to ten weeks pregnant, Angela's medical expert stated in court recordings that the amount of fetal tissue Dr. Lee extracted from her uterus during the failed abortion was incompatible with Dr. Lee's estimation. When Angela went to Beth Israel Medical Center on April 17 with sharp abdominal pain, a sonogram showed she was still pregnant. Cara Jenni was born via emergency caesarian section after Angela began to hemorrhage on July 23. According to court records, at birth Cara Jenni 'weighed less than two pounds, and she suffered from, inter alia, seizure disorder, respiratory distress syndrome, anemia, candida sepsis, and apnea of prematurity.' Angela also alleges that her daughter has brain damage and neurological defects which require institutional care.

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