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Thank you for your interest in AbortionSafety.com. There are a number of ways that you can help us increase awareness of abortion malpractice.


Access to our database of abortion malpractice documents is completely free to women in need. That would not be possible without the gifts of generous donors. We have no paid staff; every cent we receive is used to maintain and advertise AbortionSafety.com. Please consider making a donation today.

Conduct Research

We depend upon local volunteers to search for court records. If there is an abortion provider in your area who is not covered on our site, we need your help! Conducting research is easier than you might think. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us for more information.

Campaign on Campus

Are you a high school, college, or graduate student? Young people account for a high percentage of abortions, so it is especially important for students to be aware of abortion providers in their communities who have a history of malpractice. Spread the word with our free campaign materials! This is an easy, impactful project for student clubs related to abortion, health and wellness, gender issues, and public service.

Talk About Us

If you know someone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, encourage her to visit AbortionSafety.com. Write about AbortionSafety.com on your blog. Like us on Facebook. Word of mouth is crucial for increasing awareness of abortion malpractice!